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We writers are a tenacious lot.  Despite work, our social lives, family ties, and all the other intricacies that make up our lives we still choose to throw these things aside once a day (if we are lucky) to sit down and develop our craft.  Why do we do this?  What drives us?  Why do we keep at it even when those close to us hover over our desks asking that unbearable question, “can’t you write later?”

The answers are innumerable.  Why do I write?  I write because I love stories.  I write because I want to change lives.  I write to remember.  I write because I must.  Each person is different and every answer is a story in itself.  We have created this space so that writers may have the opportunity to answer this question in their own original voices.  This blog will be updated every Monday with a new answer from a different writer.

What makes us keep turning these words into sentences, these sentences into paragraphs, these paragraphs into compositions?  Why I write… I’m excited to read the stories behind the stories.


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  1. Perhaps it is a healing of the hurt – it helps to expose a wound to the air. For me, writing helps to relieve feelings, and gives me a chance to make the world make sense – kill off bad characters and let the good ones find happiness.

    • Thanks for your comment. When I started this blog I wondered if I would have enough to write about under the topic of “Why She Writes?” It’s clear that we will never exhaust this subject as long as there are writers. We all have our stories. Any interest in writing a guest blog? I want other writers to write about their process and why they do it. Let me know if you would be interested. Thanks again.

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