peter-sacco-midnight-eclipse_picOften times, I am asked why do I like to write, or why did I get into writing? I can answer that it is not about the money (but the money is great!), rather for the passion that it stirs inside of me. I get to tap on my keyboard and literally (pun intended) “key” my expressions into literature and self-help books.

For starters, writing is not only enjoyable, but the best catharsis, rather make that an escape from the mundane rigors of the real world. It is my time to make the colors, sounds and actions that fill my mind, often times racing uncontrollably with unbridled energy, come to life on my computer screen. In fact, sometimes the characters in my stories tell me how things are going to be in terms of plotlines and endings, so I just sit back and listen to them hoping that I pay them the respect that they so deserve in my stories.

The very first thing I ever wrote was a screenplay…then another screenplay and then another. Friends of mine who were in film told me they were really, really good–they were amusing and entertaining! Then came the big question, “Have you ever thought about writing a book?”. “Hmmm, are you kidding me, me a novelist?” I would often times respond. The idea of writing a complete novel was daunting, if not nerve wracking. What the heck did I now about writing novels? After all, my education (Master’s Degree and Ph.D.) were in psychology. I sure as heck was no Hemingway! Upon further influencing, coaxing and prodding, I decided to try a short story, then another and many more before I finished my first book Fear Factors, a collection of short stories which were sci-fi, fantasy and horror-based. And then my writing of both fiction and non-fiction started full-swing!

TBGI write with the primary focus of creating a solid story from start to finish, developing characters that readers can relate to, and of course entertaining individuals that I am very blessed to have reading my books. I believe that art definitely imitates life and captures it in black and white pages. Even though I try to make characters and colors as vivid as possible, I leave it up to the reader’s imagination to fill in the proverbial dots. As an author, I like to think of my work as a “paint by number” fun activity–I create the picture, connect the dots, color-code each piece on the canvas, and you get to fill in the strokes. In the end, we are both artists to this process in that what I have written you get to read and interpret based on your own perception. Interestingly, my novel Touched By Grace is about an artist who not only uses a canvas and paints to touch the lives of others, but he is also trying to paint a surprise ending to a life that has become so mundane and disheartening. It is amazing that when love shows up in a person’s life, how colorful and vivid life truly becomes!

Touched By Grace was something I experimented with about a decade ago and finally put into print recently. It is something altogether different from what I am accustomed to writing. It really pulled me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to express emotions–love, joy, disappointment, rejection and acceptance at the deepest levels of humanity. As an author, I like to stretch the proverbial boundaries and takes things beyond expected limits.

When I wrote The Lost Fountain, I wanted to reach a tween/YA audience that could put themselves in the boots of a modern-day Harry Potter meets Indiana Jones explorer. It was a very “touching” story because it hits upon real-life issues such as Progeria Diease (a premature aging disease which kills kids).  Then there was Midnight Eclipse, the second vampire novel I wrote. Being an avid Stephen King fan as a youngster, as well as a lover of Alfred Hitchcock film masterpieces, I decided to do some justice for vampire lovers–I explained where they came from. Some reviewers dubbed it “Horrific Historical Vampire Fiction” in a good way!

When people start to tell you that your writing “affects” them, it makes you want to write even more. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t find catharsis in my own writing, as well as even entertaining myself. Yes, I do find that I enjoy writing because it allows me to tell myself stories–ones that I didn’t even know were in me! As a social psychologist and radio talk show host who deals with “self-help” issues, Matters of the Mind (my radio show), fiction writing provides me a place to spread my wings and create fantasy, comedy, drama, science-fiction and horror. Each day is a new day and you never know what life may bring your way, or what new ideas your mind whispers, “Hey, I have this really great idea for a new story…”.


Peter Andrew Sacco is a former psychologist, psychology professor and author of 25 books both fiction and non-fiction. In addition to 700 articles published in newspapers, magazines and journals, Sacco appears regularly on television and radio shows both in the United States and Canada, and is host of the weekly Toronto radio show Matters of the Mind, and host of the hit TV series Niagara’s Most Haunted. To learn more about him, visit him at or on Facebook.

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