Why Do You Write? (An invitation to let it spill!)

You may have noticed that my last post was a link to another blog where the writer talks about why she writes and also about food! Writing and food have always been two of my great loves and why I write and why or what I eat and when I eat it have been two of my dreaded obsessions. The ones that on Saturday tickle you from your nose to your toes, just like you’re favorite children’s book. The same ones that on other days infect you like an investation of bedbugs–you want to stop thinking about it, you would give anything not to think about it, but the itching just won’t stop.

(By the way, there are inexpensive ways to rid your place of bedbugs. My dad was an exterminator for years, so bugs may not be a love or an obsession for me, but definitely a hobby. If you want to know how to rid your life of these extrodinary creatures, and they are extraodianry, send me a note. Oh, and remind me one day to share my father’s story of how he saved a women’s life because of his bedbug extpertise.)

Along with your bedbug questions, I am inviting you to post on this blog. Let’s get a dialog going about why we write and how we manage or don’t manage to keep our writing lives alive. This is one of the places you don’t need to worry about spelling, unless that’s one of your obessions of course. Of course, if you want to revise and revise or just revise, that’s great too. The point is, yes, I do get it eventually, I am inviting you to use this as a place where you can share and swear and hopefully find support to keep on going. Let it spill! Words, unlike oil, need some days to pour out.

So, tell us–Why do you write?

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7 thoughts on “Why Do You Write? (An invitation to let it spill!)

  1. I have a talent for imaginary friends. I feel obligated to write them down. It would be sad if they didn't exist somewhere. Eventually, I hope to liberate them from my computer and share them with other people.

  2. Jimin, "to make sense of the crazy and wonderful people in this life!" I love that. I get it too. Why does it feel like the more we make sense at of other's craziness, the crazier we feel? The writer's paradox?

  3. to release the stories swimming around in my head and heart (otherwise they get grumpy and threaten me with violence). also because i'm a fast typist. and because it's the first and only real thing i've ever wanted to do.

  4. Sayantani, I love it. It was the first thing I've ever wanted to do too. Took a while to get the typing to happen. I hated typing classes. Remember typing classes?

  5. I'm currently writing on an educational private discussion board. The topic, typing, are going well but once again I'm flummoxed over formatting and Cite Work and Work Cited. And yes the water stains in my retina's. Has anyone ever tried to cite a private conversation? I'm not taking about an interview situation (I've grown to loath that word)

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