Why I Write by Demethius Jackson

jacksonAs I think back over the years, I can’t officially pinpoint the beginning of my interest in writing. It’s something that I’ve always done. Yet it still took me a loooooong time to realize that my purpose was to write.  As crazy as it may sound, the thought simply had never occurred to me.

As a kid, I used to keep a journal.  Growing up as an only child, this book became my companion.  It knew me better than anyone else.  It was filled with my school adventures, my dreams of the future, and my questions about the world around me. During this time in my life, I also began writing short stories about my favorite television characters.  For example, an idea such as the Muppets meeting Lucy and Ricky Ricardo could potentially keep me busy for days!  As my writing ability increased, so did the intricacies of my stories, which later evolved into writing poems and songs.  I quickly fell in love with rhyme.  It was a powerful platform for expressing emotion. In fact, my passion for rhyme and my interest in old English literature would later inspire my first published book which was a fully rhyming epic-adventure.

Writing became a part of my identity. It’s what kept me grounded during the difficult times of my childhood. While most people read books as their means of escaping reality, it was writing that became my personal outlet. Nothing excited me more than a blank page. I could be anyone; I could do anything; I could go to any location -past, present, or future. The possibilities were endless. I needed only to imagine, and my ideas became a new reality.

Over the years that followed, writing fueled many of my personal and professional decisions. However, it wasn’t obvious to me.  Think of it as a fish not being aware of the water it swims in.  Writing was as natural to me as walking, and like walking, it just wasn’t my primary focus. This, understandably, created an internal conflict within myself because I was literally ignoring, if not working against, my nature.

There were many times as a young adult that I felt restless and dissatisfied. No matter what I did or what career path I took, there was always something within me bubbling just beneath the surface. Even though I was actually working in media, which was my chosen field of study in school, I was never completely fulfilled.  It wasn’t until I was 30 years old that I finally realized what had been tugging at me.  My restlessness stemmed directly from neglecting my desire to write.  Writing had been the cornerstone of everything I’d ever done up until that point, and it now needed to be the centerpiece.  I owed it to myself to do so.

Sitting down to write my first book filled me with great pride.  Every day I looked forward to the block of time I devoted to writing.  I enjoyed sneaking away to type a few lines or quickly whispering them into my digital voice recorder while at work.  It took what seemed a lifetime, but I’d finally discovered my purpose, and now my goal is to use writing to help others find theirs.

I can honestly laugh at myself now as I think back on the amount of time and energy I spent changing companies, moving into different positions, and searching for something that was within me all along.  Life knew I was supposed to be a writer long before I ever did. And I know it to be the truth because every word I write brings me peace. I often tell my readers that the voice within you will never lead you astray. Nowadays, I take great effort to continue listening to my own. Because every day it tells me to “Just Keep Writing.”

Demethius Jackson is a fiction writer from Washington, DC. He is the author of The Realmsic Conquest book series, which chronicles the struggles of the only magical kingdom in existence. Since its establishment, the kingdom has been ravaged by endless warfare, and must undergo a transformative quest to find ever elusive peace.

At its core, The Realmsic Conquest is symbolic of the life-journey we all must partake to discover our own purpose and peace. Born into adversity, Jackson himself coped with extreme hardships and desperation throughout his life. During his early adulthood, he experienced further frustrations as he tried to establish himself in the world. Yet, continuous encouragement and guidance allowed him to discover his hidden potential and identify his chosen path. He later realized that his personal struggles were widely common among young people. Now, through his coming-of-age stories, he intends to encourage and inspire young adults who are hoping to find themselves, and reach their own potential.

Jackson is an alumnus of American University’s School of Communications. Through his ten year career, his written works have spanned numerous forms of media such as music and television. He has also held positions at global media and cinema companies.

In July of 2010, Jackson published his first book. Initially releasing The Realmsic Conquest as a rhyming epic-adventure, he spent the following years vastly expanding the story of the Realm. Now in 2013, he will be publishing his much anticipated full-length novel entitled, The Hero of Legend.


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