Why I Write by Tony Hubbard

Writing comes to us in many forms: through song lyrics, a poem, a post on a blog, a short story, a novella, a novel, an article in a newspaper or magazine, in addition to countless other ways.

I find the act of writing is a lonely one by its nature. A person, pen in hand, a blank piece of paper in front of them, or hands hovering over a keyboard, a blank page on a computer screen staring back at them. At that moment it’s just you and the blank canvas, waiting to be filled with your words. As authors we literally bash our brains in trying to come up with a likeable story.

The act of writing means countless hours alone formulating your thoughts and ideas to somehow fit into a narrative that you hope others will find, enriching, enjoyable and satisfying.

Honestly, off the top of my head I have no idea the amount of hours that I spent writing/editing my debut novel, A Demon Lies Within. If I had to guess I would imagine the number of hours would be in the thousands. It would be pretty staggering.

Seeing the all the hours that went into creating A Demon Lies Within one would be expected to ask the following question:

Why do you write? Why subject yourself to the countless ups and downs, to its diabolical whims, which more often than not, result in either nothing being produced or something that won’t make the final cut of the book.

I write because I want to get better at writing.

Once that happens, the stories I’m trying to create will be infinitely better than my first story. As hard as that is to admit, it’s true. Based on the lessons learned from the first novel my second novel should be an improvement. Whether or not that happens is far from being determined.

I write because there are many ideas I want to explore and be able to do so through the written word.

I write because I’m interested in connecting and intertwining the lives of my characters. I’m interested in exploring personal relationships. I want to delve into the deeper connection of one person to another and how and why that connection exists.

Have you ever wondered why such a strong bond exists between you and the person closest to you? Why is it with this special person and not someone else? What is it about them that make them special over someone else? Why is that connection there? That’s what I want to investigate and explore further.

I want to be able to explore how events shape our lives and how being involved in certain events or missing certain events shapes our future. While this avenue has already been explored (see movie Sliding Doors) I want to put a horror spin on it.

I write for the times when I see something, whether it’s a person, or something else and try incorporate it into a story element.

I write for all the times that I look up from the keyboard and see several pages of text looking back at me and the feeling inside that’s the result. Of all the days, nights, late nights, weekends, early mornings (by early morning I mean 2, 3 am) spent writing A Demon Lies Within the one writing session that stands above all others happened in February, 2010 on a Sunday night following a USA Olympic Men’s Hockey game.

What was originally going to be Chapter 4 of the book was written with such ease, clarity and quickness (around 30 minutes) that the powerfulness of the story on those several pages quickly made itself apparent that it should become Chapter One of the book.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I write for the perseverance that results from staring at the blank screen that is secretly laughing and taunting me as it remains blank for several hours while I try to come up with the perfect thing to say.

I am able to write as a result of the many scraps of paper, notebook/journal entities and all the web pages that I bookmarked, thinking each one held the key to future scenes and would be the springboard needed to transition to subsequent situations.

I write because of the belief that there’s a story inside each of us waiting to be told. That’s the premise with which this novel began all those many 18 years ago.

I write so that my characters, in some ways, can have the life I’ve wish I’ve had.

I write because I want to finish my next novel.

Finally, I write for those people who have offered their unwavering support along the way, telling me to follow my heart, to publish the novel that I doubted would ever be published; saying that I can do it and that I’ll be a success no matter how it turns out.


Growing up and reading the works of Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King, he one day aspired to publish a novel in the horror genre as his ‘writing heroes’ were famous for. After many years away from writing, leaving his professional writing career behind to make a move into the production and advertising side of the publishing business, Tony makes a return with his debut novel. Eighteen years in the making, A Demon Lies Within, releases November 2012 from Two Harbors Press.

A follower of Greek Mythology, he sees himself in the same vein as the Greek God Dionysus, the Greek God of wine, parties/festivals, madness and merriment. Dionysus not only represents the intoxicating power of wine, but also its social and beneficial influences. According to Tony, we should strive to be like Dionysus.

Massachusetts born and bred, Tony has lived all across the state throughout his life. Today he is settled in Dracut with his wife and son.

Following his murder, Andrew McMurray finds himself transported to the depths of hell. There he is indoctrinated as an apprentice to a demon master, Sonneillon. Exposing Andrew to the dark reaches of his evil powers, Sonneillon demonstrates a demons’ ability to posses, torment and control the thoughts and actions of the living. Andrew’s ultimate goal following his apprenticeship? Revenge on his wife, Katelyn and young son, Joshua, both of whom he holds responsible for his murder.

As Katelyn rebuilds her life, following her husbands’ death, she meets Michael Gordon, a recent escapee from Corporate America, who has his own troubled, tragic past. As their relationship grows, they realize they share something more than their burgeoning love for one another — the powers of hell have deeply impacted their pasts. Evil continues to insinuate itself into the pair’s lives, bringing with it haunting and unspeakable horrors.

Andrew’s plan of revenge begins to materialize once he inhabits Joshua, having him act out in often violent and disturbing ways. With possession of Joshua’s mind and body complete, will hell’s ultimate evil goals come to pass, or can the local priest of a small Maine town exorcize Father from Son? At stake, doom-laden repercussions for all involved…and perhaps the world as a whole.

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