Short_list_press_release-1Rebels By Accident Shortlisted for the Firecracker Award by CLMP
(Community of Literary Magazines and Presses)

“Presented by CLMP, with the help of the American Booksellers Association (ABA) and a team of publishing professionals, the Firecrackers seek to celebrate and promote great literary works from independent literary publishers and self-published authors. We’re looking for language that smolders, crackles or explodes on the page. We’re looking for voices we’ve never heard and will never forget. The Firecrackers will spotlight books that make a permanent contribution to our literary culture and introduce them to readers far and wide.”

AITE High School, Stamford CT, chooses Rebels by Accident as their required school-wide summer read!


Rebels By Accident – Now Available!

“a powerful coming-of-age story… Dunn allows Mariam’s voice its space—making it tentative, passionate, doubting, and utterly believable—while creating a cast of Cairo youth, rebels, and expatriates that upend Mariam’s preconceptions and will do the same for many readers.”

Students are from Saunders High School, Yonkers NY were assigned Rebels By Accident for their English class and then came to the library to meet with author Patricia Dunn and discuss the book. They were an incredible bunch!
Many thanks to photographer and organizer Zahra Baird, Teen and Technology Librarian
Yonkers Riverfront Library

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Katie Dunn does a fabulous job reading at the Rebels By Accident Launch party!

Katie Dunn does a fabulous job reading at the Rebels By Accident Launch party!


Reading at Barnes & Nobel on March 6, 2015: Stamford, CT:


Fans and Rebels. Photo courtesy Jimin Han


Signing books. Photo courtesy Jimin Han


Sahra Denner is a sophomore at John Jay High School in Cross River, New York. She’s won silver keys for poetry and personal essay in the Scholastic Writing Awards and bronze medal in French two years running. A fan of all excellent novels, she’s thrilled to have read from Patricia Dunn’s Rebels by Acciden— a novel she’s heard about and loved for many of her 15 years. Photo courtesy Jimin Han


Nancy Cullen reading an excerpt She is a 7th grader at the Fieldston Middle School in New York City. She loves playing soccer, basketball, and staying up way too late at night reading books. She is the youngest of four and the only girl. Her father sometimes suspects that she is a rebel on purpose. She’s read Rebels by Accident fourteen times! Photo courtesy Jimin Han